Uncharted International, Uncharted Partner Churches and beyond, including non-profit leaders and believers from across the community who are passionate about uniting the church of Evansville. While Uncharted operates as the host, practically speaking, there is no one church or organization who “owns” Collective Night. The band is a collection of worship leaders, musicians, and production specialists from across the church community.



Collective Night is a night of shared worship and prayer. A night to join with other believers to lift up the name of Jesus in the city of Evansville. We’ll sing, we’ll pray for this city and for the world, and we’ll hear stories of people stepping out boldly in their faith.



This year, the event will be November 8, 2019. Doors open at 6:30pm.



Uncharted is hosting this event at Crossroads Christian Church, 10800 Lincoln Ave, Newburgh, IN.



To worship together. We believe in unity among local churches. We believe we can accomplish more together than we can apart. We want this to be a rallying point for the “Church of Evansville.”

Will there be food?

Yes! From 5:00-6:30, food trucks will be open in the parking lot and lobby of Crossroads. Come early for some dinner and fellowship time. You may even hear the band warming up and putting some final touches on the night.

Will there be child care?

Yes! This event will have free childcare!

What will the environment be like?

We are hoping to provide and environment free of distractions where you can take an evening to worship with believers from across the church community. There will be opportunities during the event to listen and respond to what God is speaking on your life.

PLEASE NOTE: This event includes loud music and bright lights. While we will encourage all participants to begin filling the auditorium from the front, we recognize that some may be more sensitive to sounds and lights and may need to sit near the back or exits. Please take any and all precautions necessary if you are sensitive to these elements.